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Exam 4 1) Outline the behavior of chromosomes during different stages of the cell cycle and Meiosis. 2) Be able to describe how the number of chromosomes, the number of homologous pairs, and amount of DNA varies in different stages of the cell cycle and Meiosis. 3) Describe the relationship between the ploidy of a cell and how many homologous chromosomes are present in a cell. 4) Be able to apply the terms homozygous, heterozygous, hemizygous, phenotype, genotype, gene and allele in genetics problems 5) Be able to determine the genetic make-up of gametes an individual can produce given the individual’s genotype. 6) Be able to determine the phenotypic and genotypic rations of the offspring from any monohybrid cross, including crosses involving complete dominance, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, sex linkage.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Be able to determine the probability of producing an offspring with a particular genotype or phenotype from a cross involving more than one gene (up to four or five genes) using product law. 8) Differentiate between the impact of epistasis and pleiotropy on the expression of alleles. 9) Describe how continuous variation results from traits that are polygenically inherited. 10) Describe the basic steps involved in cell signaling. 11) Differentiate between protein and steroid hormones, in terms of where the receptors are located and the type of signal transduction pathways involved. 12) Differentiate between signaling locally and at a distance. 13) Describe the most common signal transduction pathways (G-proteins, Tyrosine Kinase and Ion gated channels)....
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