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Enzymes and Consumer Products In addition to being important to life itself, enzymes are used by humans in many ways, such as dietary supplements and consumer goods. Dietary supplements that combat intestinal gas (Beano, for example) Enzyme Supplements Digestive aids and/or substitutes for the enzymes you need but lack. Break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They detoxify such substances as alcohol. Besides breaking down compounds, they synthesize others. Some act as antioxidants, deactivating cell-damaging free radicals. Laundry detergents (those with added enzymes) Biological laundry detergents contain enzymes which act as catalysts to "eat" the dirt off of the laundry. Denim jeans (stonewashed) The method of giving the denim a stonewash look by use of enzymes like cellulase is known as-
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Unformatted text preview: 'Enzymatic Stonewashing'. Here cellulases are used to provide that distressed worn out look to the denim fabric. In cellulase enzymatic wash, the denim is given an enzyme bath Dietary supplements that aid the digestion of milk products (Lactaid, for example) Lactase - breaks down milk sugar) DPP IV - breaks down milk protein and other protein bonds disaccharides - breaks down some starches and sugars Contact lens solutions (those with enzymes) The enzymes keep your lens clear of bacteria that can and do lead to infections Can you think of any other products in which enzyme functions are crucial, that are not listed here? Clarify fruit juices To generate oxygen from peroxide to convert latex into foam rubber....
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