Should Two Men Marry

Should Two Men Marry - Should Two Men Marry 1 Should Two...

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Unformatted text preview: Should Two Men Marry- 1 - Should Two Men Marry? Jennifer M. Ceniceros PHI 103 Barri Mallin May 9, 2011 Should Two Men Marry- 2 - Should Two Men Marry? Part I: Thesis We’ve all herd the ridiculous phrases about gay marriage: “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”. The famous comedian Jimmy Fallon once said, “In New Hampshire the state Senate approved a bill that would help legalize same-sex marriage. Yeah. Their new state motto is 'Live Free or Bi.'". But if you are anything like me, all these phrases have really just passed right by without even a thought. Yes, I must admitt that I have laughed at a few of them in my time, but with no malice intended. I simply have never taken the time to really think about gay marrige because it has not effected me. I can say that I do not know any opnenly gay people, not even just one. This is not because I choose not to, but because I just don’t. So I have choosen to embrace this assignment with an open mind using the thinking tools that I have learned from this class. After doing research on homosexual merrige, I believe that I really do not find the need to condim it nor the people that want to have that way of life. I find it very comforting to be able to go home at then end of the day and be with the one that I love. On my bad days I unolad on him and he comforts me. On my good days we laugh and smile. I am greatfull to have him in my life. I believe that when someone is homoslexual, it is something from birth. The thought of not being able to share my life with a loved one, to not have that affection, just because I have the desire to spend it with someone of the same sex, well that just breaks my heart. Yes, the Bible does talk about not laying with another man, however, are we really a counrty that can quote the Bible in order to make a statement? Let us think of the Ten Commandments (and don’t worry if you cannot think of all ten of them, I couldn’t and that is Should Two Men Marry...
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Should Two Men Marry - Should Two Men Marry 1 Should Two...

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