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GMAT_Gaurav_RC_Notes - Tips for RC 1 Start to read SLOWLY...

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Tips for RC 1. Start to read   SLOWLY READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH SLOWLY!!!. UNDERSTAND THE   OVERALL  ISSUE!!! UNDERSTAND THE TIME ARTICLE REFERS TO.  DIFFERENT  PLAYERS. ...  NEVER EVER START FAST 2. Paraphrase with exaggeration, add something yourself to keep it interesting… 3. Always Always relate to the previously read items…from my perspective…try drawing a Flow Chart kind of thing, where in you know the following in the end Structure of the passage Notes for each structure elements 4. Take notes…small ones but which can be used efficiently. .need to work on these extensively. 5. Once done with reading, Scroll Up and Down to Reconfirm and Visualize the drawn flow 6. ALWAYS identify different parties in the passage. How many organizations are being 
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