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2b) To : Management of Mechmar Shipping From : ____________________________ Date : 17 th August 2009 Subject : Ways to Build and Maintain High Performance Team Culture Mechmar Shipping need to have strong ‘team spirit’ culture as generally known working in teams usually outperform individuals and teams are an effective way to democratise an organisation and increase motivation. Each team must have clear goals and each team members need to have common mission. Without a common mission, all teams will eventually disintegrate and become entirely ineffective (Copyright (2005). Leif H. Smith). As Leif H. Smith, president of Personal Best Consulting said this mission is defined most clearly by a set of shared values among members of the team. A meeting should be conduct which involve all the team members as their participation, ideas and ultimate support are essential, thus facilitate staff involvement. Clear and specific goals facilitate clear and good communication. A team is communicating
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OB-qns 2b-converted - 2b) To From Date Subject : : : :...

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