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1.1 - Regulates the passage of materials between exterior...

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1.1 What does it mean to say that something is alive? An organism is a life-form meaning it is made up of one or more cells There are five fundamental characteristics that organisms share… Can someone tell me three? duncan Energy, cells, information, replication and evolution Energy must be acquired and used by organisms like when we eat or when plants soak in sunlight Cells are membrane bound units that make up organisms. What does the membrane do? denton
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Unformatted text preview: Regulates the passage of materials between exterior and interior spaces There are two types of information that organism’s process: genetic and hereditary, both of which are encoded in genes. They also take in info from the environment. You take in information constantly Every organism has one goal, reproduction Every organism is the product of evolution and their populations will always continue to evolve “Here’s to Life”...
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