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3.3 proteins are the most versatile large molecules in cells Hypothesis is that life began with proteins because of how vital they are to today’s cells They give an example of your red blood cells moving through your body but they have hemoglobin and other proteins that help the cells perform certain functions. Proteins are crucial to most tasks required for cells to exist What are two of these tasks? ABBY Catalysis, defense, movement, signaling, structure, and transport Catalysis: catalysts speed up reactions with the help of a protein called an enzyme.
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Unformatted text preview: Defense: proteins called antibodies and compliment proteins destroy viruses and bacteria that cause disease Movement: motor proteins and contractile proteins help you move Signaling: carrying and receiving signals from cell to cell inside the body. Ex: glucagon Structure: structural proteins make up body components and define the shape of individual cells Transport: proteins let certain molecules to go in and out of cells and carry certain compounds throughout the body like hemoglobin, which we talked about before...
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