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Chapter42 - Chapter 41 Which document is not prepared by...

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Chapter 41. Which document is not prepared by the sales department? a. Packing slip b. Shipping notice c. Bill of lading d. Stock release2. Which document triggers the update o f the inventory subsidiary ledger? a. Bill of lading b. Stock release c. Sales order d. Shipping notice3. Which function should not be performed by the billing department?a. Record the sales in the sales journal.b. Send the ledger copy of the sales order to accounts receivable.c. Send the stock release document and the shipping notice to the billing department as a proof of shipment.d. Send the stock release document to inventory control.4. When will a credit check approval most likely require specific authorization by the credit department?a. When verifying that the current transaction does not exceed the customer’s credit limitb. When verifying that the current transaction is with a valid customer c. When a valid customer places a materially a large order d. When a valid customer returns goods5. Which type of control is considered to be a mitigating control?a. Segregation of duties c. supervisionb. Access control d. accounting
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