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Bacteria cell wall: Peptidoglycan vs. Eukarya cell wall: cellulose or chitin Koch’s Postulates: Microbe must be present in individuals suffering from the disease and absent from healthy individuals, the organism must be isolated and grown ina pure culture away from the host organism, if organisms from the pure culture are injected into a healthy experimental an- imal, the disease symptoms should appear, the organism should be isolated from the diseased ex- perimental animal, again grown in pure culture, and demonstrated by its size shape, and color to be the same as the original organism. Provoked germ theory of disease. Bacteria and Archaea’s metabolic diversity: Phototrophs, chemoorganotrophs, chemolithotrophs. Basically revolves around carbon-carbon bonds. Autotrophs make their own compounds and het- erotrophs don’t. Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic bacteria and were the first to produce oxygen. Bacteria: Firmicutes - rod shaped or spherical. Spirochaetes - corkscrew shaped and flagella, Ac-
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