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Bio start of life Fig 2.25

Bio start of life Fig 2.25 - pounds bubbled up from below...

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Figure 2.25 Atmosphere was filled with volcanic gases released as molten planet cooled, so no ozone The reactants, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Water, and Ni- trogen, produced hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde Photons are packets of light energy that bombarded the planet, unstopped by ozone Hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde, intermediates in chemical evolution, were pro- duced with the energy from the sun They drop down into the hot sea which drives endergonic reactions, then the com-
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Unformatted text preview: pounds bubbled up from below and accumulated • After heated, compounds with single carbon atoms reacted to form more complex mo-lecules containing carbon-carbon bonds, including acetaldehyde, glycine, and ribose (sugar) • This solution is called the prebiotic soup • The molecules joined together: Proteins are formed from amino acids, Nucleic acids are formed from nucleotides, and Complex carbohydrates are formed from sugars • One of these was needed to copy itself...
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