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lab11 pillbugs - Ashleigh Jones AP Biology Lab 11 Animal...

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Ashleigh Jones AP Biology Lab 11 Animal Behavior Analysis Table 1: General Observations of Pillbug Behavior The pillbugs move constantly for the majority of time studied and mainly move around the edges They would stop occasionally and when stopped, another pillbug would sometimes crawl over it (larger ones over smaller ones) Quick leg movements Sometimes fall over Use antenna to feel walls and other pillbugs Table 2: Drawing of pillbug Part C: Experiment Formulation Hypothesis: Because pillbugs are found under objects, they will gravitate towards the darker chamber. Design: Two-chamber tray with pads in both. One side covered by aluminum foil to make it dark. Start with 5 pillbugs in each chamber and count how many pillbugs are in each chamber at each minute mark for 10 minutes. Condition Tested: Phototaxis
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Conclusion: The light didn’t affect the pillbugs choice in side. Other graphs: (1 means 0 and so on)
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Assessment 1.
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