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table of content - CHAPTER 10 The Revenue Cycle Sales and...

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Contents vi Preface xvii Part I Conceptual Foundations of Accounting Information Systems 1 CHAPTER 1 Accounting Information Systems: An Overview 2 CHAPTER 2 Overview of Business Processes 24 CHAPTER 3 Systems Development and Documentation Techniques 60 CHAPTER 4 Relational Databases 104 Part II Control and Audit of Accounting Information Systems 141 CHAPTER 5 Computer Fraud and Abuse 142 CHAPTER 6 Control and Accounting Information Systems 188 CHAPTER 7 Information Systems Controls for Systems Reliability Part 1: Information Security 236 CHAPTER 8 Information Systems Controls for System Reliability Part 2: Confidentiality, Privacy, Processing Integrity, and Availability 276 CHAPTER 9 Auditing Computer-Based Information Systems 310 Part III Accounting Information Systems Applications 347
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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 10 The Revenue Cycle: Sales and Cash Collections 352 CHAPTER 11 The Expenditure Cycle: Purchasing and Cash Disbursements 408 CHAPTER 12 The Production Cycle 456 CHAPTER 13 The Human Resources Management and Payroll Cycle 490 CHAPTER 14 General Ledger and Reporting System 522 CHAPTER 15 Database Design Using the REA Data Model 552 CHAPTER 16 Implementing an REA Model in a Relational Database 588 CHAPTER 17 Special Topics in REA Modeling 616 Part IV The Systems Development Process 651 CHAPTER 18 Introduction to Systems Development and Systems Analysis 652 CHAPTER 19 AIS Development Strategies 700 CHAPTER 20 Systems Design, Implementation, and Operation 740...
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