plate reader - Sampling Heterogeneous Solids through use of...

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Sampling Heterogeneous Solids through use of Fluorescent Plate Reader Abstract 200 mg tablets were made and were put through a fluorescent plate reader to determine if the mixing process produced uniform tablets.The test used to determine if homogeneous is ANOVA single factor. From the results of the ANOVA single factor, the tablets are confirmed to be homogenous. (p value: 0.478581> significance level: 0.05) (test statistic:0.942101< critical value:2.115472) Introduction The use of the fluorescent plate reader is designed to detect chemical events of samples in microtiter plates. The most common format for the microplatesis 96-wells with a volume range of 100 to 200 microliters. When measuring the fluorescence, an optical system which is the excitation system illuminates the sample using a specific wavelength which is selected by an optical filter, or a monochromator. Due to the illumination, the sample emits light and a second optical system collects the light, separates the excitation light and measures the signal using a light detector. After readings have been made, an ANOVA test will be taken to spate the variance due to the mixing from the other sources of variance. A new drug has been developed from a pharmaceutical company. The tablets for the drug must be taken in 200 mg tablets for patients. The goal is to make mix the drug into a tablet into a matrix and cast tablets of the mixture. Once made, the tablets will be measured through the
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plate reader - Sampling Heterogeneous Solids through use of...

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