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Unformatted text preview: -1Russia 1. 1905 - Russian revolution czar(tsar) allowed a constitutional monarch Y Non democratic Y Enormous military power Y Until 1991 Russia was part of soviet union and Russia empire Y No traditional democracy Y No traditional constitution Y Absolute monarchy Y 1564 Russian secret police Y Westernizers- want Russia to model itself after the western countries Y Slavophile- want to keep the traditional Russian values Y Bolsheviks win revolution of 1917, becomes communist under Lenin Y 1st revolution17 lots of people, 2nd small groups f people Y Marxism- Leninism the only ideology that is allowed. No religion Y Lenin rules until 1924,dies, power struggle Y 1929 - Stalin rules until 1954, dies, ruthless Y Murders millions of his own people Y Khrushchev takes over after Stalin, he has to rebuild the country Y Bad economy, bad political leaders Y Economic reforms, Political Reforms, he made a lot of enemies Y Removed from power Y 3 leaders until Gorbachev Y 3 serious reforms Y Glasnost- openness, tell people what problems you have and trying to fix it Y Peristroika- reform political economic problems Y December 1991- Russia free elections Y Yeltsin- believes in democracy Y Oligarchy - richest of the rich in Russia, really poor people eat cat food Y Huge class gap- people blame democracy. 2. New constitution- copied French constitution Russian prime minister has little power President has lots of power Can suspend civil rights Citizens have lots of rights, some taken by Putin Federal system 89 fed districts Upper house - federation council Today prez decides who reps the states State Duma- lower house 450 members, pop rep 7% of vote to get any seats Yeltsin- 1991- 1996 2nd term economy got worse. Health problems. Oligarchs in control of economy Appoints KGB agent Putin. Appointed president by Yeltsin Putin- popular b/c he put food on the table, many say its b/c of oil ...
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