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Chapter 1 Essay - Managing cultural diversity can provide a...

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Chapter 1 essay Student: ___Parlee Barrow – A10289217 _____________________________________________________ What sorts of activities does managing cultural diversity involve? Discuss four of the six ways (arguments) that managing cultural diversity can provide a competitive advantage. To manage cultural diversity within an organization, managers could do the following: (1). Communicate effectively with employees from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, (2). Coach and develop employees of different ages, educational background, ethnicity, physical ability, and race, (3). Provide performance feedback that is based on objective outcomes rather than values and stereotype that works against women, minorities, and the handicapped, (4). Create a work environment that makes it comfortable for employees of all background to be creative and innovative, (5). Recognize and respond to generational issues between employees. Managing diversity focuses on maximizing the ability of all employees to contribute to organizational goals.
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Unformatted text preview: Managing cultural diversity can provide a competitive advantage by the following: (1). attracting new employees and the retention of existing employees - if a company has a good reputation regarding hiring women or other diverse people, they will attract new employees and retain their old ones. (2). encouraging their employees to be creative and hearing their ideas - lots of great products and technologies have come from within a company from its employees. (3). cost could also be an advantage - if cultural diversity within an organization is managed right, you can save time and money in recruitment and turnover cost. (4). marketing can greatly improve - Getting insight and cultural sensitivity that member with roots in other countries bring to the marketing efforts should improve the impact of companies marketing strategies....
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