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Chapter 5 Essay Student: ______Parlee Barrow – A10289217 ____________________________________________________ Forecasting indicates the need for skilled technical employees in your company will increase dramatically this year. If the company continues on its present course, it will experience a substantial labor shortage by year's end. Something must be done fast, but management is concerned about maintaining its flexibility. Which of the options for avoiding expected labor shortages identified in the text would be most appropriate under these circumstances? Explain your answer. It seems like the best course of action the company needs to take is to hire temporary employees. It would still offer the company the flexibility it wants to operate effectively in the face of swings in the demand for goods and services. What this means is that if the demand for the company’s product or service is high, then the company has the opportunity to hire the temporary employees on as full-time, but if the demand is low, then
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Unformatted text preview: this will give them the opportunity let the temporary employees go. This course of action also offers several other advantages to the company: 1. It frees the firm from many administrative tasks and financial burdens associated with being “employer of record”. 2. Smaller companies often get employees who have been tested by a temporary agency. 3. Many temporary employee are already trained, which would reduce the firm training coast and eases the transition for both the temporary workers and the company. 4. Temporary workers bring an objective perspective to the organization’s problems and procedures that is sometimes valuable. Because of their experience earned from other firms, temporary workers can sometimes identify solutions to the host organization’s problem that were confronted at a different firm. This means they can help employers to benchmark and improve their practice....
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