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Chapter 6 Essay
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Chapter 6 essay Student: ___Parlee Barrow – A10289217 _______________________________________________________ You are considering using a standardized cognitive ability test in your selection of employees for the job of production supervisor at a small parts manufacturing plant in Ohio. For a number of reasons, it is not possible for you to conduct your own original validation study. However, numerous validation studies have been conducted on the test in other settings, and their findings have consistently yielded a validity coefficient of approximately .40. Describe the steps that you would go through to establish the generalizability of those previous findings to your use of the test in the Ohio plant. Generalizability is defined as the degree to which the validity of a selection method established in one context to other contexts. There are three primary “contexts” over which we might like to generalize: (1) different situation, (2) different samples of people, and (3) different time periods.
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