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Chapter 7 Essay Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ What is the purpose of a training design process? Discuss the six steps of the Instructional System Design training process. Training design process refers to a systematic approach for developing training program. It should be systematic yet flexible enough to adapt to business needs. A proper training process would give any company a competitive edge, better trained employees, and a company more capable of meeting it strategic goals. There are six steps of the Instructional System Design training process. It emphasizes that effective training practices involve more than just choosing the most popular or colorful training method. Step 1 is to assess needs to determine if training is need. Step 2 is involves ensuring that employees have the motivation and basic skills to master training content.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 3 addresses whether the training session has the factors necessary for learning to occur. Step 4 is to ensure that trainees apply the content of training to their jobs. This requires support from managers and peers for the use of training content on the job as well as getting the employee to understand how to take personal responsibility for skill improvement. Step 5 involves choosing a training method. There are a variety of training methods available, ranging from traditional on-the-job training to newer technologies such as the internet. The key to choose a training method that will provide the appropriate learning environment to achieve the training objectives. Step 6 is evaluationthat is determining whether training achieved the desired learning outcome and/or financial objectives....
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