POLS 1101 Chapter 6 Essay

POLS 1101 Chapter 6 Essay - Krishal Patel POLS 1101 Mr....

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Krishal Patel POLS 1101 Mr. Dague Journalism 516 Chapter 6 Georgia’s chief executive is at the top of the state government. The governor of each state has a very influential amount of power in the state, including setting the agenda of the state legislature through the State of the State Address, calling the legislature into special sessions when necessary, vetoing legislation through the line-item veto power, and shaping the state budget. Before 1966, the chief executive could limit the Speaker of the House and name chairs of important committees in the state legislature. The Georgia governor’s power has significantly decreased since 1976 when the State Constitution was revised and called for the governor to only serve a two-year limit. No other position has a term limit. Even with these changes, the governor still has a considerable amount of formal and informal power in the state The lieutenant governor is the second position within the pyramid of the Georgia executive branch and it is often known as the stepping-stool for the governor. The lieutenant
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POLS 1101 Chapter 6 Essay - Krishal Patel POLS 1101 Mr....

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