POLS 1101 Chapter 4 Essay

POLS 1101 Chapter 4 Essay - society. As many more revisions...

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Krishal Patel POLS 1101 Journalism 516 Chapter 4 The United States of America Constitution sets out the basic rules under which the national government could operate. The U.S. Constitution is not as detailed as the Georgia Constitution; it is only 30 pages long with seven articles. The Georgia Constitution has 11 articles and an astounding 67 amendments. The U.S. Constitution is not as detailed as the state constitution because the national government covers only a broad range of laws that govern the states but to some degree. Topics that are not fully detailed in the national constitution are covered in the state constitution such as Article VIII, which covers education. Georgia’s Bill of Rights was originally called the Declaration of Fundamental Principles which has the many of the same protections found in the national constitution. The Constitution of 1777 was the initial constitution for Georgia which was inspired from Jefferson’s Declaration. The Constitution of 1777 mainly focused on typical issues of American
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Unformatted text preview: society. As many more revisions of the constitution came about, the state government focused more on the individual aspect liberties also while dealing with the powers and authorities of institutions. The amendment process was used many times in finalization of the Georgia constitution. It took two thirds of the members of both of the chambers of the General Assembly to amend the constitution. Changing the constitution made it harder for articles and amendments to be changed so that everyone can abide the laws. An example of this is the amendment of banning gay marriage in the State of Georgia. 70 percent of the vote went towards banning gay marriage but before then, the Massachusetts Supreme Court struck down this sort of amendment so states such as Georgia wrote stricter gay marriage articles so that courts will not be able to undo the legislative ban. Will the Georgia constitution ever stop changing amendments? Does the constitution agreeable by everyone?...
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POLS 1101 Chapter 4 Essay - society. As many more revisions...

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