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Collisions between Galaxies Essay

Collisions between Galaxies Essay - would there be any...

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Collisions between Galaxies Intro What happens when galaxies collide? What is the role of collisions in the formation and evolution of galaxies? How many different kinds of galaxies are there and what different parts are there in a galaxy? Is there a beginning or an end to a galaxy’s life span? What is the life cycle of a galaxy like? If our galaxy were to collide with another, are we able to tell when a galaxy will collide and
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Unformatted text preview: would there be any effect to us? Why are galaxies colliding in an expanding universe? What is high redshift collisions and how much higher was the collision and merger in the past, and what is the average rate of change with redshift? Can a galaxy suffer more than one collision? Are galaxy collisions always violent? Conclusion...
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