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xbis219 week 3 due day 5

xbis219 week 3 due day 5 - wasn’t bidding I think it...

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The way e-bay works is as follows, e-bay is an online retail store, e-bay lets people buy and sell merchandise, and e-bay has a search engine so that you can search for a specific type of item. I think e-bay is a great site. The advantages that e-bay offers for people who want to sell merchandise is as follows, e-bay offers easy and convenient selling, e-bay also offers easy sign up and login abilities. One disadvantage that e-bay has is that when you search for an item a lot of other items pop up by using a keyword you get items related to the item you searched for. Another disadvantage that e-bay has is that people have to bid on the merchandise I think if there
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Unformatted text preview: wasn’t bidding I think it would be easier for people to purchase the merchandise they want. Based on what I have learned about e-bay, If I was to start and electronic retail store I would definitely use e-bay to get me started. I like the fact that on e-bay you can use a credit card or money orders to pay for your merchandise. With e-bay you can even use what is known as pay pal to pay for you merchandise. I think e-bay is very easy to use and convenient for both buyers and sellers....
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