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Jet blue’s problems were caused by technological issues. I chose that because the flights were cancelled because of the bad weather. Flights were cancelled because of the icy conditions. The management had nothing to do with the weather problems. Management tried waiting for the weather to change so they can let the flights go out but the weather only got worse. Passengers were mad because Jet blue did not offer its customers the option to rebook their flights via its website, nor can passengers rebook their flights using airport kiosks. Suddenly reservation agents were deluged by phone calls from irate passengers. The passengers wanted to rebook their flights or find out what compensation was available to them for having to cancel their flights. Even with nine hundred and fifty agents, Jet blue was having difficulty finding enough people to staff the phones. Managers began to call in off duty agents to assist with the unexpectedly high volume of calls. Off duty crew and airport personnel even volunteered to staff
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Unformatted text preview: the phones because there were so many calls coming in at one certain time. The only problem with all of the volunteers was that they were not trained in how to use the system. What I would have done differently is I would have had accommodations being set up for all of the irate passengers. I would also have offered tickets for a complimentary breakfast, maybe even a complimentary lunch at a nice restaurant for each one of the irate passengers. I would have explained to the irate customers that their flights will be able to go out in the following morning and I would have told them that all accommodations are free of charge and that Jet blue is very sorry for any inconvenience that the weather might have caused. I would also let all of the passengers know that if they continue to fly with jet blue there would always be great service and great flights for all continuing and new passengers. I would also put up a suggestion box for customers to suggest meals and movies on each flight ....
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