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xbis219 week 7 due day 5 - over my shoulder that can see...

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Accessing the web at home is more private where as accessing the web at work is not very private because when you are at work people can see what you are looking at online. Accessing the internet at a public place is also not private like at home. If you were to access the internet in public there is a chance that other people can see what web pages you have searched through. So it is not very private. The basis for my expectations is from personal experiences I used to have to go to the library to access the internet and it was not very private. I always had people looking
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Unformatted text preview: over my shoulder that can see the web pages I have been looking at. I do not think it is legal to use the neighbors’ internet connection by a wireless router. I think people need to pay for their own internet if they want to use the internet. If someone uses a wireless router that person should pay the other person for the use of their internet. I do not think it is ethical for someone to use someone else’s internet. My reasoning for all of this is because if I have to pay for internet then everyone else should pay for their internet as well....
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