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Jasmyne Carson Week 1 due day 3 xcom 285 Technology has changed the face of business communications just by using various types of information systems. It is communicating less to the public and more to the individuals. Businesses today use every available technology that there is. I think that the various businesses around the world effectively use all of the available resources to communicate. The reason I think that is because now a day’s more and more new technology is becoming available to both businesses and individuals then there was when I was younger. For instance now days you have to fill out a job application on the computer when I was younger all there was available was paper applications. Most of the businesses around the world use the newest technology when it because available. In my opinion it seems there is always some new type of
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Unformatted text preview: device coming out such as an IPAD, or a new cell phone that has new capabilities, or even new laptops. In my opinion the new technology is ruing today’s youth what I mean by that is the fact that soon there will no longer be school buildings for students to attend because it is starting to become online teaching for grades kindergarten all the way through high school. This means that the teachers that teach now in a public or even private schools will soon be out of a job. When I was going to school and interacting with other children and having one on one teaching with my teacher I found it was much easier for me to learn. Even now as I’m in college online I miss having the one on one time with and actual instructor....
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