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Xcom 285 week 6 due day 5 - meetings When there is a...

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Xcom 285 week 6 due day 5 Jasmyne Carson One of the main differences between group communication and individual communication would be group communication is generally focused on an entire group of three or more people where as individual communication is focused on one single person. In my opinion the definition of group communication is an exchange of information or ideas between three or more people. Each individual person within the group must participate. Each person must also listen to everyone else’s ideas and opinions. Some of the strategies used in individual communication would be letters, memos, and even face to face interaction. The strategies used for group communication would be social networking messengers, video chatting, and face to face
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Unformatted text preview: meetings. When there is a disagreement in communication some of the strategies I have found that actually work would be to actively listen to each individual persons opinions and concerns. If the group leader listens to everyone then the group leader knows what to do and how to resolve the conflict at hand. The best way to foster group communication is to first choose a leader for the group. You should also assign everyone in the group their own tasks so that there is no confusion as to what everyone is supposed to be doing. For example the leader has the task of assigning tasks for everyone else, doing that ensures everyone gets their own task to do....
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