xcom285 week 8 due day 5

xcom285 week 8 due day 5 - it distracts people from what...

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After reviewing both sides of the arguments I have decided to stand by my decision to be completely FOR privacy policies and rules. I say that because if the rules were not in place then nothing would get done. To be more specific if the cell phone rules were not put into place at my job then everyone would be on their cell phones and nothing would get done. i work in fast food so there in no e-mail policies but I’m pretty sure if there was a way to check your e-mail while you were working in a fast food restaurant then the customers would not served and the company would not make any money. I do not think that there should be e-mail offered at any job because
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Unformatted text preview: it distracts people from what they are supposed to do. I think that the rules and policies are a great idea and more companies should put them in place. One very specific rule I have reviewed would have to be the e-mail rule I honestly do not understand why someone would want to check their e-mail while they are at work. When you are at work you are there for a reason to do your job not to get on the company computer using company time to check your e-mail or chat with someone. I feel very strongly about this. And I think it is unethical for people to sit there and check their e-mail at work when most people have a computer at home....
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