xcom285 week 9 due day 5

xcom285 week 9 due day 5 - we had a power outage so we...

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The ways I would use the new communication techniques in my future classes and in my future career would be I now know how to listen more attentively. I now know that in order to solve a problem you have to be willing to solve it what I mean by that is if there is a problem within a workplace or even in school you have to listen to the person that is having the problem and you have to find a good solution that would make everyone involved happy in the end. Listening and paying attention to the problems is the best way to come up with a plausible solution. What I learned in this course has taught me so much. I will use everything I have learned in this class for my day to day activities both in school and while I work. Where I work there really is not much business communication we pretty much do whatever is asked of us. For instance this morning
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Unformatted text preview: we had a power outage so we opened the store later than normal and since I had to be there at eleven am and we did not open until eleven thirty am when we are supposed to originally open at ten am I had to do whatever my boss told me instead of just jumping right into working on the drive thru. So basically the whole business professional communication does not apply to me as of right now but in the future I will take what I have learned in stride and use it towards everything I do. Some of the things we learned were how to talk to people in a professional manner. I already do that so I am not sure if this applies to me. I do know that everything I have learned will be taken into consideration for both my career and my future classes....
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