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xeco212 week 5 due day 5 - was that, waterfront retirement...

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The FED, that is the Federal Reserve System, is often referred to as the FED. HUD, That is the Housing and Urban Development. FHA, FEMA, DHS, and a bunch of others. Purchase a home now is a good idea, rates are low, the market is about bottomed out and banks are scrambling to get Responsible Loans on the books. I am not going to rant and rave about who started the fire or the economic mess that we find ourselves in, is just a good time to play Carpet Bagger and snatch up all the delinquent or failed mortgages that the failed lenders have on the books as fiscal losses. I once had a friend that lost his house because someone paid the delequent taxes on it and that
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Unformatted text preview: was that, waterfront retirement home lost. That was a sad fact. That is also a risk, the 'new' home may have a hundred grand in taxes or mortgage interest stacked up on it. The risk of losing some money on a home purchase is still a MUCH better gamble than ALL of it you lose on rent. There is also the risk the home going bankrupt after purchasing it. My recommendations would be do your research and never rush into making a purchase of a home or house,and do your research on the different types of houses and propertys. Also do your research on the mortgage make sure that it is not too high and that you wont lose money by having the mortgage....
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