XMGT 126 week 2 due day 7

XMGT 126 week 2 due day 7 - XMGT 126 week 2 due day 7...

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Unformatted text preview: XMGT 126 week 2 due day 7 Jasmyne Carson I remember a time that was not too long ago that I had to deal with a dilemma in the work place. I was told by my supervisor I either had to work two back to back split shifts or lose ten hours off my paycheck every two weeks. I could not afford to lose money off my pay check so I decided to work the split shifts. That does not mean that I am happy working the split shifts I just did not want to lose the money. I used to love my job and all the people I work with but now it seems I’m too tired and too stressed to remain happy in my work place. Having a dilemma in the work place is not uncommon. In my dilemma I felt like the values were not there. I say that because one of my core values in the work place is respect. If I do not get respect I do not like to show respect. The values that are supposed to be in the work place are respect, goal, success, and kindness just to name a few. If the core values are not there in the work place then that shows kindness just to name a few....
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