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XMGT 216 week 3 due day 5 Jasmyne Carson What I learned from my ethics awareness inventory profile was that I am more likely to choose results before a person’s character. I also learned that I believe we all have a moral right to experience the good life. I also learned that my approach to ethics is likely to focus on what could be done to improve the well being of the greatest number of people possible. I have always been a problem solver. I say that because when people have a problem they come to me and I find a solution. I can apply this information in the workplace by solving people’s problems. What
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Unformatted text preview: I mean by that is I would do everything I could to improve the well being of people and by helping people solve their problems. I feel that if I was a manager I would want my employees to come to me if they have a problem with another co worker or if they have any kind of problem. Social pressures have influenced my personal and business ethics by the fact that I do not focus on the person but I focus on whether or not they can have successful results....
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