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XMGT216 WEEK 2 CHECKPOINT DUE DAY 5 JASMYNE CARSON The five values that I found were most important are, success, respect, service, kindness, and equality. I find that those values are most important because without those values there would not be good customer service and customer satisfaction. The commonalities I found in those values would be they all lead to one thing and that I customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied then I am not satisfied. Those values effect my ethical decision making because if the
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Unformatted text preview: service is good and the employees are kind then the customer will be happy so the customer is more likely to come back. When I make a decision about my job or whatever I always think of kindness respect and equality I believe everyone should be treated as equals. I do not think that the values I have chosen will conflict at any time because they all tie into the same thing so there would be no reason for conflict. There are no differences in the values I have chosen and the values of an organization....
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