xmgt216 week 5 due day 5

xmgt216 week 5 due day 5 - also have to give new employees...

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To whom it may concern, Being that I am the manager of Austen pharmaceuticals in the Honolulu branch in Hawaii I come to you concerning how the Honolulu branch will reduce the staff income by fifteen percent. Considering we have already increased the staff with numerous new employees such as women and minorities, we now have to decrease the income for all employees by fifteen percent. Although a large number of the employees are either above average or just average, we would still have to decrease their income as well due to financial problems. That also includes all of the employees who have been with the company for several years. Although I would love to guarantee job protection for those employees that have seniority I
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Unformatted text preview: also have to give new employees a chance to thrive within the company while still decreasing the income. I have spoken with all of my employees and the solution we have all come up with and agreed upon is not to get rid of some employees entirely but to decrease the hours that for all of the employees in order to decrease the income that each employee receives. This has been agreed upon by all employees. I respectfully request that you also agree with this choice and endorse this choice. I look forward to hearing from you and getting your insight to this decision. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Division manager Honolulu branch...
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