xmgt216 week 9 due day 7

xmgt216 week 9 due day 7 - by; I now know that no matter...

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First I want to say that I have completely enjoyed this class and this class was well worth my time. I have learned a lot and I intend to use what I learned in this class and put my new found knowledge to good use. I learned that every business has both ethical issues and moral issues. My personal ethics and my moral perspectives are always altered where ever I go. So I guess it just depends on where I am at. Morals are thought to be correct or incorrect, good or bad, and even ethical and unethical. So in other words morals are basically a decision between correct and incorrect and I am the only one who can decide between what is right and what is wrong. My personal ethics is basically the same. This course has changed my perspective of business ethics
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Unformatted text preview: by; I now know that no matter what the business is there will always be ethical issues so the use of business ethics and good morals would make less ethical issues within the business. I also learned that I can now make better choices because of my ethical consciousness. Now as far as how I apply my personal ethics and moral perspectives to business is hard to say because I was recently fired from my job for someone else who did not apply their personal ethics and moral perspectives. As far as applying my personal ethics and moral perspectives in the future, I will apply them and always decided between right and wrong....
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