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UGBA 151 Additional Terms for Final Exam 1. Behaviors affected by different forms of compensation: attraction, retention, loyalty, productivity 2. Types of compensation 3. Stock ownership, stock options 4. Piecerates and piecework 5. Comparable worth 6. The meaning of contingency 7. What creates an incentive? 8. Six dangers myths about pay and how to get it right (Pfeffer article) 9. Why do incentive programs fail? (notes, Kohn article) 10. How to develop an incentive program 11. Labor Code 2922 (at-will doctrine) 12. Three types of exceptions to employment at will (contracts, regulations, constructive discharge) 13. Integrated agreement 14. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: min wage, work hours, overtime 15. Types of exemptions to FLSA 16. How to evaluate risk of lawsuit with respect to meal and rest breaks (Banks
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Unformatted text preview: article) 17. What can you do to improve compliance with exemption criteria (Banks & Aubry article) 18. Management practices that turn exempt jobs into non-exempt jobs (Banks article) 19. How to keep exempt jobs exempt (Banks article) 20. IWC Wage Orders and California Labor Codes 21. Requirements for meal and rest breaks, accurate time records 22. Principles of “One-Minute Manager” and their relation to topics in this course 23. Career management, workforce planning, career development 24. Employer’s role in career development 25. Employee’s role in career development 26. Supply analysis, demand analysis, gap analysis in workforce planning 27. Career paths 28. Succession planning...
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