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Fall 2010 syllabus

Fall 2010 syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Course...

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Course Outline Walter A. Haas School of Business Fall, 2010 UGBA 151 - Human Resource Management Dr. Cristina Banks Text: Dessler, G. Human Resource Management , (11th Edition), Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2008. Readings: Course readings compiled in Study.Net and handouts at class. Class: Mondays and Wednesdays, 11-12:30, Cheit Building C210 Office: F 526 Haas School of Business Telephone: 510-642-3232, 510-207-7480 (cell) Off. Hrs: Mondays @ 2-4, and by appointment Final Exam: Thursday, December 16, 2010, 11:30-2:30 Course Description This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts and principles underlying strategic human resource management. Students will be taught the fundamentals which will enable them to enter the human resource field or to enter managerial or supervisory roles in organizations with knowledge of how to utilize human resources in an effective manner. Students will receive not only a basic conceptual foundation upon which they will acquire human resource management skills, they will also gather practical experience in the application of course concepts and principles in real organizational settings. Class time will be spent learning about the logic and rationale underlying human resource concepts and principles and applying concepts in class exercises. Students will be expected to have read material assigned prior to class. This means that students should read course materials by the date on the assignment sheet. Students should come to class ready to discuss a topic on the day the topic is assigned. Reading materials will not be covered formally during class; however, students who have questions about the reading should raise those questions in class or attend office hours. Class time will focus on a deeper understanding of the material through discussions, presentations, and participation in exercises.
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Students will complete a course project, two in-class exams, two observations, and a final comprehensive exam. Each of these is described in detail below. Course Project An important aspect of this course is obtaining practical first-hand experience with human resource management in the real world. This is accomplished through an "HR Partners" program which consists of the pairing of each student with a Human Resource Professional from a Bay Area business or organization. The purpose of this partnership is to: (1) Gain access to real-world human resource issues through discussion with Human Resource Professionals, and (2) Acquaint Human Resource Professionals with students' knowledge and expertise in human resources as taught in this course. Basically, we are using this program as an avenue of contact with organizations in order to give students personal experience with pressing human resource problems and to provide students access to businesses and organizations they desire to work for.
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