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Unformatted text preview: University of California f erlreley Haas School of Business September 8, 2010 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to ask you to be a partner for one of the students in my undergraduate business class, Human Resource Management. Earn teaching the course from a practical managerial perspective. Because of this perspective I need students to be exposed to top—level human resource professionals in order to obtain a critical first-hand View of the complexity of issues involved in effective human resource management. Your willingness to share your experience and perspective with a student will be invaluable in enhancing their understanding of these issues. 1 would like you to meet with your student partner, , at least once during this semester (up to November 150‘). Your student partner will interview you regarding a particular human resource function at your company. Students will complete a project report, and you may receive a copy of the report upon request at the end of the semester. I am sure you will read it with interest, as I will. If you agree to be a partner, please contact your partner by email ( ) or by phone ( ) to indicate your interest. If you prefer to contact me directly, please call me at SID—6428232 or email me at banks @haasberkeleyedu. After we hear from you, your student partner will arrange for an initial meeting with you. I sincerely appreciate your contribution to my students’ practical education. 1 ant convinced that they can achieve a clear understanding of human resource management in real organizations only through a partnership between academia and the business community Thank you again for your consideration. Sincerely. Cristina {3. Banks, Phi). rises School of Bu£®l0f LeClUfar firséuesséru o? {Isotomée Serkeiau c torrent Services Building. eigé’fit’} Bosaeéeu Cris 9e?2{)vt€r§;§ swuvyfiines.berkeieyfierfiu ...
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