Case Study- royal biscuit problem 4

Case Study- royal biscuit problem 4 - production on per Kg...

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Ans 4.     Royal Biscuits Inc. sells it Supreme crisps at $13,2/kg, its Tropical chocolates at  $14,8/Kg and its Sublime rolls at $11,5/kg. Given the actual sales volume, how will the  income statement look like using. a- Standard full costing at practical capacity ? b- Actual costing ? Table showing Standard Cost and Actual Cost depicting the profit of Royal Biscuits new 
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Unformatted text preview: production on per Kg basis Suprem e Crisps Tropical Chocolates Sublime Rolls Selling Price 13.2 / Kg 14.8 / Kg 11.5 / Kg Standard Cost 15 / Kg 17 / Kg 18 / Kg Actual Cost 10.54 / Kg 11.5 / Kg 9.9 / Kg Profit (Selling Price - Actual Cost) 2.66 / Kg 3.3 / Kg 1.6 / Kg...
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