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Fundraising - Week Spring Fest marketed and rebranded SGA...

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Fundraising & Non-Profit Successes Alpha Sigma Alpha - Philanthropy Chair: organized several benefits to raise money for charity organizations such as Riley Children Hospital, S June Smith Center and Special Olympics - Successfully raised money for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to benefit food pantries in Evansville—Lambda Chi Alpha Pumpkin Bust Chair 2007 Student Government Association - Student Body President (2007-2008)—maintained a budget of $200-300k. Recruited members, coordinated events such as National Alcohol Awareness
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Unformatted text preview: Week, Spring Fest, marketed and rebranded SGA to attract students to attend.-Assisted with the Grant Committee with allocating funds to students and organizations on campus. USI Foundation-Called on alumni of the organization and spoke to them about planned giving, one time gifts, and recurring gift schedules. Had them sign up with me over the phone or sent them information about donating- had several follow up calls with donors....
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