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Kristina Pelly Activity 3 ADM 545- Workshop One AES Corporation Mini Paper The AES Corporation is a global power company with generation and distribution businesses. Headquartered in Virginia and founded in January 1981, the AES Corporation has a presence in 28 countries on five different continents; and there are 132 generation plants including 15 facilities at integrated utilities. The company earns $17 billion dollars in annual revenue and has a global workforce of 29,000 employees. “AES was founded on the principle that strong businesses are built on trust, accountability and an environment that allows people to reach their full potential.” AES is a value based organization, whereas, they believe that integrity leads to success within the enterprise. Their culture also follows that same notion; it is a very fun, energetic, and engaging organization.
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Unformatted text preview: AES Corporation believes in the power of making a difference in the workplace and outside. Recently, the AES Corporation in the Philippines won the Edison Electric’s Institute 2011 Edison Award. Likewise, AES Corporation (as a whole) has moved up six spots on the 2011 Fortune 500 list, to number 150. The company itself has had much success in the energy field. Some assets owned by the AES Corporation include (but are not limited to): Indianapolis Power and Light, AES Eletropaulo, AES Jordan PSC, and Premier Power. Culture at the AES Corporation is very positive. It sounds as if it is very modern and an over-all great company to work for; not to mention a very lucrative company. Energy is something that the world will continue to need, so finding alternative forms will only be successful for AES Corporation....
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