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Kristina Pelly WS2 A3 1. Frings, C. (2002). Answering your questions about 12-hour shifts, unwanted touching, and being on time. Medical Laboratory Observer, 34(12), Retrieved from The article “Twelve-Hour Shifts” presents a question and answer advisory on issues related to work and labor pool. This article assesses the efficiency of the staff during hard shifts; shows a need of recruiting additional employees; and focuses on promoting quality work life . The article explains that there are several negatives to having twelve hour shifts for employees, for example: limited labor pool, difficulty recruiting for position openings, difficulty scheduling vacation time since employees have more time scheduled off, difficulty covering for vacations and call-offs, fatigue, work-quality issues, and quality of life issues. The author strives to explain that twelve hour shifts decrease the quality of life for employees because when they are not at work, they are sleeping, eating, or working on something else—essentially it is a vicious cycle, most suffering from fatigue and burn out. A work group that would be immediately affected by a twelve hour shift would be the working moms. Mothers would have less time to spend with children, and also have to arrange child care for long periods of time. Unless employees have a lot of down time, working a twelve hour shift could be too demanding and too long for the common person. 2.
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Kristina Pelly WS2 A3 Martell, J., & Kunselman, J. (1984). Qwl strategies.Journal of Academic Librarianship, 10(3), Retrieved from Academic Search Complete. The article deals with the involvement of library employees in decision making as
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PellyKW2A3 Bibliographic Paper 1 - Kristina Pelly WS2 A3 1....

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