Cost of Excessive Use - -2 PV(Normal Use Ppy) at t=0...

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Given Cost of Machine $10,000,000.00 Normal life of machine 6 Remaining Life of Current unit for Normal Use 4 Remaining Life of Current unit with Excessive Use 2 Discount Rtae 16% Perpetuity Method Six-yearly rate 143.640% PV(Normal Use Ppy) $6,961,866.89 Point of Valuation of Normal Use PPY
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Unformatted text preview: -2 PV(Normal Use Ppy) at t=0 $9,367,888.09 PV(Excessive Use Ppy) $6,961,866.89 Point of Valuation of Excessive Use PPY-4 PV(Excessive Use Ppy) at t=0 $12,605,430.21 Value of Excessive Use $3,237,542.12 Annuity Method AF(16%,6years) 3.6847359083...
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