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RUNNING HEADER: ANNOTATED BIB 2 Organization Paper 2 Kristina Pelly Indiana Wesleyan University MGT-545 Core Group: MBAO-193 15 August 2011
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1. Davies, M, & Kanakies, E. (2006). Interpersonal characteristics associated with different team roles in work groups. Journal of Managerial Psychology,21(7), 638 - 650. DOI: 10.1108/02683940610690187 The Research Study entitled “Interpersonal characteristics associated with different team roles in work groups” takes an investigation into interpersonal relationships associated with team roles and work groups. The study uses an interpersonal measure of personality called the SYMLOG Interpersonal Effectiveness Profile, and also an intra-psychic measure of personality known as the EPQ., and lastly a revised version of Belbin’s behavioral checklist measure of team roles that were administered to 145 managers in the United Kingdom. The findings of the study were that there is a clear association of teamwork which correlates with different team roles (implementer, coordinator, resource investigator, and team worker). The findings are also too dependent on self-report questionnaires, which are typically prone to biases such as positivity, leniency, and halo effects. Research using observational analysis of behavior in groups would be useful for extending the present findings. The organizations could improve the function of their teams by analyzing the interpersonal characteristics that are duplicated or lacking in their personality so that a balanced mix of personalities can be established across different roles. Since this study, there has been little research on the interpersonal as opposed to the intra-psychic personality characteristics of different social roles in small work teams. 2
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