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Assessment System Skip to Time Left | Skip to Navigation | Skip to Assessment Items Take Assessment - ENetwork Chapter 7 - CCNA Exploration: Network Fundam (Version 4.0) Time Remaining: Showing 1 of 2 Next> Page: GO <Prev 1 What is true concerning physical and logical topologies? The logical topology is always the same as the physical topology. Physical topologies are concerned with how a network transfers frames. Physical signal paths are defined by Data Link layer protocols. Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes. 2 Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes the media access control methods that are the networks in the exhibit? All three networks use CSMA/CA e of the networks require media access control. Network 1 uses CSMA/CD and Network 3 uses CSMA/CA. Network 1 uses CSMA/CA and Network 2 uses CSMA/CD. Network 2 uses CSMA/CA and Network 3 uses CSMA/CD. 3 Which three factors should be considered when implementing a Layer 2 protocol in a netw (Choose three.) the Layer 3 protocol selected
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the geographic scope of the network the PDU defined by the transport layer the physical layer implementation the number of hosts to be interconnected 4 What is a primary purpose of encapsulating packets into frames? provide routes across the internetwork format the data for presentation to the user facilitate the entry and exit of data on media identify the services to which transported data is associated 5 What are three characteristics of valid Ethernet Layer 2 addresses? (Choose three.) They are 48 binary bits in length. They are considered physical addresses.
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