N311 Test 2 Review

N311 Test 2 Review - N311 Test 2 Review • Viability –...

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Unformatted text preview: N311 Test 2 Review • Viability – potential ability to live outside the uterus • Abortion – expulsion/removal of products of conception from uterus • Personhood – • Assisted reproductive technologies –- genetic material donation, embryo cryo-presevation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis • ANA position statement on reproductive health –- patient right to privacy and legally sanctioned reproductive alternative- nurse right to refuse on ethical grounds (can’t abandon)- concern that abortion is a symptom of a deteriorating social fabric- support for addressing health/social problems that contribute to abortion-related concerns • Roe v. Wade – legalized woman’s right to an abortion by 14th Amendment; self-determination • Micro allocation of health care – smaller distribution; personal determination of who will receive scarce resources • Macro allocation of health care – usually the province of Congress, state legislatures, etc as society attempts to determine how much should be expended/made available o two-tier system: everyone would be guaranteed coverage for basic care/ER needs • Distributive Justice – just distribution in society; depends on amt of resources available o egalitarian: equal access to goods and services o utilitarian: public good maximized o libertarian: free-market approach • Managed care – attempt to bring free-market restraint to spiraling health care costs; umbrella for plans that coordinate health care through primary are generalists o SEE ALSO: emmanuel article; healthcare reform o PPO, EPO, HMO, IPA, Staff model HMO • Oregon Rationing System – two-tier system; everyone guaranteed coverage for basic care and health needs; 2 nd tier based on ability to pay, provides expanded & possibly better health care at private expense o put in place to extend benefits of health care to a wider population • Lifeboat ethics – use a hierarchy to save those that will be the most beneficial in the future • triage – divides patient cases into categories so that care is allocated effectively • brain dead – unreceptive, unresponsive, no moving or breathing, no reflexes, flat EEG o irreversible cessation of all functions of entire brain; including brain stem • organ donation and procurement – must have consent from family/person o required request: family is asked; consent must be given o presumed consent: assume organs can be used; families have the right to refuse o required donation: body is state property; organs taken • organ allocation – current system provides for unequal access; all can be donors o depends on blood/tissue typing, medical urgency, time on list, geographic area • bedside rationing – LOOK ON BLACKBOARD • gaming the system – LOOK ON BLACKBOARD • confidentiality – to hold in strict confidence those things learned about a patient o...
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N311 Test 2 Review - N311 Test 2 Review • Viability –...

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