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TUTORIAL 2A QUESTION 1 a) Events= {Basic brown}, {True-blue green}, {Greenback green}, {Sprouts},                    {Grousers}. b) Basic brown- 0.28     True-blue green- 0.11     Greenback green- 0.11     Sprouts- 0.26     Grousers- 0.24 c) Basic brown-BB     True-blue green- TBG     Greenback green- GG     Sprouts- S     Grousers- G        P(BB U G)= P(BB) + P(G)                       = 0.28+ 0.06                       = 0.52 d) P(TBG U GG U S)= P(TBG)+ P(GG)+ P(S)                                    = 0.11+0.11+0.26                                    = 0.48 QUESTION 2 a)  Probability= 21/ 100                             = 0.21       b) Probability= P( Fall out of seat)+ P(Seat falling off the bike)                             = 0.39+0.06                             = 0.45       c) Probability= 1- P( Accident with car)                            = 1-0.1                            = 0.9
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QUESTION 3 P (at least 1 oil gusher)  = 1-P(dry well) = 1-(1/2) = 63/64 QUESTION 4 a) To determine the type of steel sheet obtained from a random selected sample of  steel sheet used in the production of a Proton Saga.  b) Simple events: A = obtain cold rolled, regular strength, non plated B = obtain cold rolled, high strength, non plated C = obtain cold rolled, regular strength, plated D = obtain cold rolled, high strength, plated E = obtain hot rolled, regular strength, non plated F = obtain hot rolled, high strength, non plated G= obtain hot rolled, regular strength, plated H= obtain hot rolled, high strength, plated c) P (A) = 27/100 P (E) = 8/100 P (B) = 12/100 P (F) =5/100 P(C) =30/100 P (G) =3/100 P (D) = 15/100 P (H) =0/100=0 d)  P (hot rolled, high strength type) = P (F) +P (H) =5/100 e) P (cold rolled) = P(A)+P(B)+P(C)+P(D)  =84/100 f) P(steel sheet , non plated) = P(A)+P(B)+P(E)+P(F) = (27+12+8+5)/100 =52/100 QUESTION 5 The probability that a data-communications system will have high selectivity is .72, the   probability that it will have high fidelity is .59, and the probability that it will have both is . 33. Find the probability that a system with high fidelity will also have high selectivity.
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tutorial_2a - TUTORIAL 2A QUESTION 1 a) Events= cfw_Basic...

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