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Cisco Networking Academy - 1.3 Chapter Labs 1.4 Chapter...

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Personalized Feedback For: Jzacharias LAN Switching and Wireless Chapter 1: LAN Design 1.1 Switched LAN Architecture 1.1.1 The Hierarchical Network Model 1.1.2 Principles of Hierarchical Network Design 1.1.3 What is a Converged Network? 1.2 Matching Switches to Specific LAN Functions 1.2.1 Considerations for Hierarchical Network Switches 1.2.2 Switch Features 1.2.3 Switch Features in a Hierarchical Network 1.2.4 Switches for Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB)
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Unformatted text preview: 1.3 Chapter Labs 1.4 Chapter Summary 1.5 Chapter Quiz Chapter 2: Basic Switch Concepts and Configuration Chapter 3: VLANs Chapter 4: VTP Chapter 5: STP Chapter 6: Inter-VLAN Routing Chapter 7: Basic Wireless Concepts and Configuration LEGEND: Personalized Feedback item. Cisco Networking Academy http://assessment.netacad.net/virtuoso/servlet/org.cli.delivery.rendering.s. .. 1 of 1 10/31/2011 2:16 AM...
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