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Govt. Lecture 4- Bonus Points 02/01 West Virginia’s Greatest Exports: West VA produces 15% of Coal in US -Coal supplies ½ electricity consumed in US -2 nd largest coal- producing state Pepperoni rolls - West Virginia amazing at Kroger Moonshine - recommends peach The people- greatest export - Chuck Yeager - Air pilot -1 st pilot to travel faster than sound 1947, carrier in air force -Smallest airport in world- Charleston - Lou Holtz- coached Notre Dame team & won national championship - Don Knotts - American comedic actor -Statue in Don Knotts Boulevard West Virginia - Nick Saban
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Unformatted text preview: - one of highest paid football coaches -Homer Hickam- October Sky (movie based about him)-Steel scrap metal and build rockets-American author, Vietnam veteran & NASA engineer-Bob Huggins- aka Huggy Bear-Head coach of West Virginia Mountaineers mens basketball team-John Forbes Nash- based off movie A Beautiful Mind-American mathematical genius w/ schizophrenia -Jerry West- Basketball players for LA Lakers -Born in West VA-NBA logo named after him-Robert C Byrd- longest serving senator in US Congress (1959-2010)...
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