Govt. Lec. 5 - Govt Lec 5 02/03 Exam 1 15 multiple choice...

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Govt. Lec. 5 02/03 Exam 1- 15 multiple choice Qs, 5 short answers The Federal Form of Government History of United States has been a conflict between a unified confederacy and a more federalist system. 3 Basic Types of Modern Western Democratic Governmental Systems: 1.Unitary Government -1 central govt. makes all policy & holds all power -No separation of powers, like an independent judiciary, leg. & executive branch -Democratically elected parliament appoints ministers, which are akin to the heads of our bureaucracies (Dept. of Labor, Education, EPA…) -Parties simply make the policy, much clearer what the party’s policies are & how effective they are than other system. SIDE NOTE: Ex. of Unitary Govt. Canada has parliament w/ prime minister Britain (ultimate example)- local govts. structured by parliament, no separation of power. -Prime minister appoints ministers (top- level bureaucrats) -Has Common Law 2. Confederacy - Subunits (states) have more power than central (federal, national govt.) - Historically proven to be ineffective and unsuccessful due to lack of coordination, inability to raise revenue or raise armies. SIDE NOTE: - United States experimented with Confederacy twice, once being of course the Civil War (1860's) when the South fought and lost the argument for the superiority of state's rights, and also in the 1780's, from when our states first signed on to the Articles of Confederation, until the Constitution was ratified (signed, approved and enacted) in
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Govt. Lec. 5 - Govt Lec 5 02/03 Exam 1 15 multiple choice...

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