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Govt. Lec. 6 02/ 06 SIDE NOTE: -Fed. govt. is top- dog -Most powerful branch of govt.= US CONGRESS -No other branch has power to make policy w/out authority granted by Congress -If public thinks issue important= Congress thinks it’s important -Lobbyist lobby people already on their side -All interests in American society= representative Congress- Major Functions -Parallel, as opposed to serial, processing of policy problems & issues (mainly) -Congress pays attention to all issues everyday simultaneously -US Congress- parallel processor issues -President- approaches issues one at a time (Congress doesn’t)
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Unformatted text preview: -Institutionalization of latent interests in American political system-Latent means hidden-Structure participants of interests & integrate them w/ political & administrative machinery of govt. -Informational hub of the governing system- including analytical units-Oversight of the Executive Branch-Major institutional locus for “refining” both policies & goals they are meant to achieve -Examines issues & tweeks them= interested in details (little ‘r’ for reform)-Day to day basis- adjust policies...
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